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What is Henna?

Henna (Lawsonia inermis) is a flowering shrub. Henna is a native plant to Mediterranean coast of Africa and Asia and now also thrives in warmer climates all over the world. Its leaves are harvested, dried and powdered twice a year to form a fine powder used in dying of hair, body parts as well as artifacts. The leaves of this plant has been used to color skin and hair for about 5000 years.


How Henna Works?

Henna consists of a Lawsone molecule, which in an active state provides stains when applied on body parts as well as on hair as dye. When applied to body parts, henna paste is allowed to dry and left for either overnight or more than two to three hours to form dark color. 

Post-Henna Care

Let your henna set so that the design does not get damaged and is dried properly.

- Keep the paste as long as possible may be overnight to get best results.

- Do not wash off the paste once it dries. Rather just brush it off.

- It takes around 24-48 hours to get the darkest color of henna stain. To get the best results, do not rub henna design with water and expose it to mush water.

- Apply any lotions, olive oil or clove oil to get the stain stay for longer and to get dark stain.

Henna / Mehndi

Face Painting by Wandie is excited to announce we now offer Henna/Mehndi Services for all types of events.

  1. Birthday Parties

  2. Festival celebrations

  3. Sangeet/Music parties

  4. Bachelorette parties

  5. Mehendi parties/henna parties 

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