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Face Painting by Wandie is a Bay Area based face painter that delivers professional quality services for a variety of events including: Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Festivals, Bridal  Showers, and so much more.


How did I find my passion for face painting?  

For those out of the loop, surprise! I'm also a makeup artist, and my journey into the world of face artistry all started with Halloween. Every spooky season, clients would come knocking, asking to be transformed into their fave characters, zombies, or the classic skull look. After diving into research, I took the plunge and invested in face paints to take these designs to the next level. As the years flew by, my love for Halloween painting blossomed, As each Halloween rolled around, my passion for painting spooky designs blossomed, merging face paints and makeup to craft intricate masterpieces. It was in those moments that I discovered a new love - the enchanting world of Face Painting!

How did my face painting business get started?

In a twist of fate, back in 2012, my dad received a tough diagnosis. Suddenly, my makeup dreams took a backseat as I shifted gears to be by his side. Leaving my job at MAC cosmetics, I took a local gig to stay close. Little did I know, this detour would lead me to an unexpected treasure trove of moments with my dad. His words of wisdom echoed in my mind long after he was gone, nudging me to chase my passion for face painting. And so, armed with courage and a sprinkle of hope, I dipped my brush into the world of face art. Slowly but surely, my business bloomed like a colorful garden, one smile at a time. All thanks to my dad, my guiding light in the sky.

Customer Satisfaction


I absolutely adore my job! Picture this: I get to rock out at parties with kids and adults, all while having an absolute blast. With three kiddos of my own, hanging out with little ones is a total joy - probably because I'm just a big kid at heart! Watching the kids' faces light up with joy as they see their reflections in the mirror is pure magic. Massive shoutout to all my awesome clients for letting me be a part of these unforgettable moments - you all rock! That's why I put my heart and soul into making sure every client walks away with a huge smile. Grateful vibes all around!

My Experience and Growth as an artist

 My mission? Whip up a playground of cool picks for the little ones! Every day, I dive into the art world, staying hip to the latest trends and funky designs for kids to dive into. I'm not just doodling around - I'm hitting up top-notch classes to learn from the masters in the biz!

Drawing insights from industry leaders.

Face painting isn't just a pastime—it's my jam, my ultimate passion! I'm on a quest to level up my artistry, introduce fresh services, and take the game to a whole new level. How? By soaking up wisdom from the best in the biz, to deliver absolute magic, the one-of-a-kind and the jaw-dropping! Some of the industry leaders from whom I have had the privilege of learning from include:

  • Mark Reid - master body and face paint artist known for his incredible ability to transform the human canvas into works of fantasy and illusion. 

  • Pashur- an award-winning artist based in Los Angeles, is renowned for his exceptional talent in both face painting and body art.  Pashur’s work has graced numerous magazine covers, and he is often referred to as the "Picasso of Body Painting"

  • Andrea Moje- a talented artist known for her captivating face and body painting skills. She specializes in creating waterproof designs that can withstand even the hottest weather. 


"Wandie did my daughter's 4th bday party and it was a success! She was on time and super professional! She did such a great job with all the kids ages from 2-10 yrs old. And most Adults too! (Won't mention ages) 😉 She uses top of the line products and is very talented! There was tons of options for the kids to chose from. She even put glitter in the girl's hair and they loved it! My birthday girl couldn't stop talking about her unicorn painting! She also takes pictures of her work (permission granted by parent) and sends them to you via email. If your like me to busy hosting and not taking enough pictures this feature she gives is wonderful! I will definitely use Face Painting by Wandie over and over again! ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤THANK YOU!"

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Did you Know?

Makeup Artistry


Did you know I also offer professional makeup services?


Whether it's your Birthday, School dance,  Wedding, Quinceanera, Sweet sixteen or a Special night out, I have you covered.

Makeup Lessons


Wandie offers individual and group makeup lessons for women and teens.

Face Painting by Wandie has proudly Served: 

Sophia Rodriguez

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